NDIS information

Kids Develop Store is proud to be an NDIS registered provider!

We can process claims under the following in your NDIS plan:

  • CORE SUPPORTS | Consumables - Daily Adaptive Equipment
  • CAPITAL SUPPORTS | Assistive Technology

(Currently excludes Western Australia Participant Plans)

Click here for service agreement
If you are self-managed you can order, pay and submit your claim to NDIA yourself (we do not need you to complete the service agreement form in the link above and you do not need to use a registered NDIS provider). Please let us know if you require an invoice for a self – managed claim. Email sales@kidsdevelopstore.com.au.
For NDIS participants who are agency (NDIA) managed or plan managed, please complete details in our Service Agreement. This can be found in the pink box above. 
FAQ: How can I let Kids Develop Store know which products I need?
After you create a service booking, sign into your account. Add items to your cart. During the checkout process, ensure you check the ‘Cash on Delivery (for NDIS)’ box. Your product list will be forwarded on to us and products, reserved.
If you change your mind or want to alter your order, that is fine! We are here to help.
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