Allcare Exercise Putty medium

Colour: green


Made in the USA, this Exercise Putty is of therapeutic quality and popular across physiotherapy and occupational therapy clinics.

Kids Develop Store stocks three levels of resistance.  Soft yellow, red (soft/medium) and green (medium).

Exercise Putty can be used to roll, pinch, stretch or snap between the fingers for a great finger gym workout.

Use as part of a handwriting program or in your sensory break kit to support attention or alleviate boredom!



Product Features

  • 1 x green tub  – medium resistance
  • 85 grams each
  • TheraPutty does not leave any residue and will not dry out.
  • Take care when handling putty near hair or carpet as it can get stuck. To lift excess putty off a flat surface, use additional putty to “dab” and collect remaining pieces.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Recommended ages 3 years +
  • Made in USA
  • Brand: allcare

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