Bubble Gum Brain Ready, Get Mindset…Grow! Combo


Encourage children to take a more flexible approach to life through the story of two children with different mindsets.

Bubble Gum Brain isn’t afraid to make a mistake and embraces new experiences.

Brick Brain however, is fine with the way thing are and is less willing to take risks.

This lovely book uses many examples across daily living of how flexible thinking leads to more opportunities.

Use the Activity & Idea Book companion to reinforce an open mindset through fun reprintable activities.

Product Features

  • Includes Bubble Gum Brain reading book and Activity and Idea Book
  • Paperback – 29 pages
  • Activity Companion – includes 22 activities or procedures
  • Recommended 5 years +
  • Author: Julia Cook 2017

ISBN: 9781937870430

ISBN: 9781937870454 – Companion

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