Classroom and Therapy Kit: Blue


This kit is ideal for use with small groups in school and therapy settings.

Products are designed to target a range of underlying skills (mechanical) needed to strengthen the arches of the hand. Additionally, items assist children to ‘plan’ through threading and construction activities.

Use as part of a prewriting fine motor program or to further support children with motor planning difficulties.

More product information:

The Wikki Stix Box contains 468 sticks in 13 colours. It is a perfect resource to distribute among a therapy clinic or school.This kit is packaged in a durable flip-top box that’s fun to decorate with Wikki Stix and use for storage.  Wikki Stix are made from non-toxic wax and yarn. These pliable sticks are extremely popular in therapy clinics over the world as a fine motor tool that sticks. They require no preparation, are reusable and are mess- free!

Made in the USA, AllCare Putty is of therapeutic quality and popular across physiotherapy and occupational therapy clinics. Exercise Putty can be used to roll, pinch, stretch or snap between the fingers for a great finger gym workout. This kit includes two tubs of different resistance – orange (soft-medium) and blue (firm).

*Play/fine motor tip with blue Mox balls*

Squeeze Mox with first three fingers to open her mouth. Tuck fourth and pinky finger in. This position will help open up the web space and build the strength needed for holding a pencil. Feed her marbles, coins, pom poms and other small objects that rattle in her tummy.

Practice throwing and catching her or warm up fingers by turning her inside-out!

Product Features

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Wikki Stix Big Count Box (468 Wikki Stix)
  • 3 x Wooden Lacing Animals (lion, elephant and crocodile)
  • 1 x Allcare Therapy Grade Putty – soft/medium resistance
  • 1 x Allcare Therapy Grade Putty – firm resistance
  • 4 x Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers
  • 3 x Assorted 15cm x 15cm Puzzles (25 pieces)
  • 3 x Mox Fine Motor Tools
  • 3 x Wooden Pencil Spinning Tops (2 spare leads included)
  • 5 years + developmentally

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