Cool Cucumber Sensory Box


Find 10 sensory items inside the Cool Cucumber Sensory Box. These products are designed to meet a range of sensory interests. Specifically, products have been selected to help young people to better manage emotions at home, in the classroom or out and about.

Each kit also contains a set of laminated Mindful Little Breathing Cards on a ring. There are 18 breathing exercises with a visual cue to help young people practice slow, deep breathing. These cards are a fantastic addition to the Cool Cucumber Sensory Box and will support the use of our Rainbow Windmill.

Kids Develop Store recommends introducing young people to items in the box when they are calm so there is greater success using them during periods of disregulation.

Product Features

COOL CUCUMBER Sensory Box contains:

  • 1 Mouldable Crazy Sand in assorted colour
  • 1 Smiley Face Ball (dough feel)
  • 1 Mermaid Sequin Plush – 15cm
  • 1 set of Desk Pal Stretch Bands- Latex (2)
  • 1 Mohdoh for Kidz – Chill Out
  • 1 Rainbow Windmill
  • 1 Jointed Cube
  • 1 Marble Fidget Tube
  • 1 Anti – gravity Gel Timer in assorted colour
  • 1 set of 18 laminated Mindful Little Breathing Cards by Mindful Little Minds
  • Mindful Little Breathing Information Guide
  • Mellow Yellow Product Information Guide


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