Dinner’s Ready! Duo Puzzle


What do mice eat? Cheese!

A colourful food association game with animals. Create 10 sets with this colourful puzzle set.

Children learn by matching the colours or the animal to their food.

*Puzzle tips*

There are many ways to enable success with this puzzle set.  Some children may simply enjoy sorting and classifying matching puzzle piece colours and require support to physically join them together.

Other children can be encouraged to respond to questions:  “What does a rabbit eat?” or ” Does a rabbit like carrots or fish?” then receive the correct puzzle piece.

Consider playing a game of memory with upside down pieces.

Or perhaps for a child with reduced attention who benefits from quick activities, include five matching sets only and take turns retrieving pieces from a bag to add an element of surprise.

We encourage families and educators to adapt this activity to best meet the needs of the child so they learn and have fun!


Product Features

  • Includes 20 puzzle pieces
  • Pieces are made of sturdy, thick cardboard with a glossy finish.
  • Recommended 3 years + developmentally, however suitable as a colour matching activity from approximately 2 years onwards
  • Brand: Djeco


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