Easy Catch and Balance Ball

Colour: blue


These soft, puffy balls are portable and easy to inflate. At 23cm these balls are ideal for young users who are practising early stage catching and throwing skills.

Balls can also be used to support deep breathing, stability and body awareness.

They provide excellent grip with their anti slip surface. Being light weight and soft, they are suited for indoor use – at home, in a classroom or therapy clinic.

Balls arrive deflated with straw and plug.

*Activity Tips*

To activate the core muscles before desk work, encourage your young person to lie on their back with legs in table top position. Gentle throw ball to their feet. “Kick ball back” This is a great exercise to help timing!

On back, place ball between thighs and encourage squeezing and noticing.

On back, place ball under backside and gently rock side to side. Practice slow, small movements. Breathe.

In seated position on floor, bring knees up to chest. Place slightly deflated ball in lap and gently hug knees into chest. For exercise extension: Rock backwards holding knees then return to original position. This movement will provide a lot of fast vestibular input that some users may thoroughly enjoy and some may not tolerate so much.

Product Features

  • Includes 1 x blue ball deflated with straw and plug
  • Preschool +
  • Brand: Loumet Fitness
  • Made in Australia

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