Feelings in a Jar


Each jar holds 101 little cards printed with “feelings words”: gleeful, insecure, grateful, angry, cranky, courageous, hopeful, and many more.

Pull a slip and act out the feeling, or invite someone else to act it out. Use as discussion starters, journaling prompts, or icebreakers for groups. Use only the cards that are appropriate for the age level of your group:

Act it Out

  • pull out a card, mime or express the feeling for others to guess

Daily Insights

  • pull out a feelings card and discuss or write about the last time you felt that way
  • how often do you notice this feeling in yourself or others?


  • everyone in a group pulls out a card, walk around the group until you find someone with a similar (or opposite) feeling. Use to open conversation

Talk it Out

  • pull out a card, describe a time when someone might have that feeling, others try to guess the feeling.

Product Features

  • Includes 101 cards
  • 8cm recyclable plastic screwtop jar
  • Ages 8 +
  • Free Spirit Publishing

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