Fidget Backpack 5 pieces

Colour: Silver


These funky backpacks are the perfect size to store in a handbag for use out in the community,  or under a desk at school. They contain five fidget tools selected for the purpose of providing noise-free stimulation.

Find a high quality marble maze game which is ideal for keeping hands occupied and eyes engaged. This kit also contains a tub of firm mini Thinking Putty, a koosh ball, rubber pom pom bracelet and bendy monkey.

Fidgets when introduced before periods of unrest can help users to calm, or to alleviate boredom and stimulate the mind.

These backpacks contain a handy carabiner as well as a double elastic band to feed hands through for easy transport.

Product Features

  • Includes 1 x silver BooBoo Mini Backpack measuring 17 cm
  • 1 x Marble Fidget Maze – assorted cotton pattern, mink fabric, 2 marbles, clear PVC
  • 1 x mini Thinking Putty  – Sunburst or Scarab
  • 1 x bendy monkey
  • 1 x pom pom stretch band
  • 1 x koosh ball

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