Fine Motor Kit – Benny the Dog


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Practise pinching, poking, pulling, rotating and squeezing with this set of early learning fine motor tools.

Create dog food out of Australian – made Bio Dough (coconut – scented and soft). Use Gator tongs to feed Benny the Dog while matching his dog bone colours.

Find the Dots is a puzzle style book. Pull tabs, lift flaps, turn, fold, twist, spin and pop to find where the dots are! Pay close attention and practice counting to correspondence. This interactive book is suitable from 4 years + and offers a variety of challenges.

Bio Dough tip: This fabulously soft dough can be regenerated with a little water should it dry out. Please keep it stored in a container to keep it pliable.

Product Features

  • Find the Dots hardcover book (14 pages)
  • Double-sided Benny the Dog reusable task card
  • 12 foam dog bones
  • 1 x Gator tong
  • 1 x coconut scented Bio Dough modelling dough
  • 1 x lacing lion threading set
  • 1 x animal twist puzzle

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