Fine Motor Kit Forest Friends


This fine motor kit is all about fun and has been curated by an Occupational Therapist. This kit is designed for users 3 years over developmentally with supervision.

There are opportunities to practise turn-taking and cooperative play skills with the Forest Friends’ fine motor board game. If players prefer not to use the boardgame cooperatively, tongs can still be used to manipulate figurines. The Gator Grabber tongs and Tri-grip tongs help strengthen the arches of the hand and the fingers. This is important for controlling pencils, opening containers and managing scissors.

Two sets of Paper Scissors Rock finger gloves are perfect for a 2 -player game. Practise planning movements and isolating fingers in a fun spin on this childhood game.

Find a Fine Motor Skills brochure with lots of tips and information to help further fine motor development.


Product Features


  • 2 x sets of Paper Scissors Rock rubber finger gloves
  • 1 x packet of Wikki Stix (24 pcs)
  • 1 x Gator Grabber tong
  • 1 x Tri-Grip tong
  • 1 x die and set of playing pieces
  • 1 x Forest Friends Boardgame Card
  • 1 x Flip Dragon
  • 1 x Step-By-Step Drawing Book
  • Stored in a fine motor box
  • Recommended 3 years +


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