I Can’t Believe You Said That!: My Story about Using My Social Filter or Not!


RJ’s mouth is getting him into a lot of trouble. A rude comment at school earned him a detention. An insensitive remark at home earned him a scolding and made his sister cry. RJ doesn’t realise the way his words are impacting others.

With help from his parents, RJ begins to use his ‘social filter’ and learns to stop and think before he speaks. He learns about keeping some thoughts in his thinking bubble so that he can get along with others.

This book is a great addition to social thinking programs, helping to build perspective taking skills and self-control!

Includes a tip sheet for parents and educators.

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Product Features


For ages 6+ developmentally


31 pages

Author: Julia Cook

Boys Town Press 2014

ISBN 978-1-934490-67-9

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