Kioukoi Posting Game – Nature


Expose children to new foods with this cute pineapple posting game with fruit photos.

Recognise, name and describe to develop language skills.

There are many ways to play this game and it is suitable as a simple posting game!

 *Game tips*

Lay the photo tokens out in front of your child. Insert a guided play card into the runners inside the box so that the image appears in the window. Shut the lid and ask your child to find the ‘same’ photo.

The photo tokens can also be used as flash cards to build vocabulary. Ask your child to name each token.

Play a guessing game.  Describe a token. “It has green skin”. “It is round.” “What is it?”

Reduce the number of cards shown to your child if 50 cards is too much.

Model examples above first to support your child to understand game concepts.

This game also includes 20 playing cards to sort, classify and categorise in the box.


Product Features

  • Includes 1 x Kioukoi Nature Posting game
  • Set includes 50 photo playing pieces
  • Suitable for 18+ months
  • Brand: Djeco

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