This brightly coloured board game is a great introduction to cooperative boardgames for children as young as 3 years, developmentally.

The tactile element (blocks and animals) makes it a very engaging and educational game. Use this game to improve memory and fine motor control skills.

*Game Ideas*

There are many ways to engage young users in play, including:

  1. Memory Game – hide the animals under the blocks
  2. What’s Missing? – Display and say animal names. Encourage your young person to take a picture in their head and repeat animal names. Remove one animal. Open eyes! What animal is missing?
  3. Race to the Finish – Roll the coloured dice. Use animals to jump across coloured blocks to the last block.
  4. Boom, Crash! –  children choose in turn a block or an animal and place them on top of each other. The player who makes the pyramid fall over loses the game.

An instructional booklet with many game options is included.


Product Features

  • Includes 1 x Ludanimo game

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