Lycra Bed Sock – Single


Lycra Bed Socks are the perfect calming, sensory product to help individuals with autism, sensory processing differences and anxiety. Lying under a bed sock provides deep pressure input that may help calm an over-stimulated nervous system.

Lycra Bed Socks are made from breathable material. Slip over a mattress – they are open ended.

*Alternative uses*

Lycra Bed Socks have been used by people who crave sustained pressure to the body during the day and as a way to regulate at home and in classroom environments. Lycra Bed Socks can be wrapped around play mats and can be used in calm corners while users are engaged in activity.

Sizes available in stock: Single
Note: King Single, Double, Queen and King bed socks can be ordered. Please contact us if you would like a specific colour in the Single size or would like to order a larger size.

Product Features

  • Includes 1 x Single Lycra Bed Sock in chosen colour
  • Made from Lycra/Nylon
  • Manufactured in Australia


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