Lycra Resistance Bands – Large

Colour: Assorted Colours


Lycra Resistance Bands are ideal for children and adults with autism, anxiety or sensory processing disorders who crave sensory input, particularly proprioceptive (body sense) and vestibular (movement) input.

We are proud to stock a high quality product that is manufactured in Brisbane, Australia.

In an assorted range of colours, these large bands can be used individually or with a partner for stretching, movement and play. Pushing and pulling against resistance has been found to improve body awareness (important for coordination) and can have a calming and organising effect on many children.

They are approximately 20cm wide x 100cm long

We also stock smaller bands (75cm loop) for shorter kids here!

Product Features

  • Includes 1 x Lycra Resistance Band in chosen colour
  • Large size – 20cm x 100cm flat
  • Lycra/Nylon material
  • Designed and made in Brisbane, Australia


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