Magnetic Match Ring Game


This magnet game offers a fun way to learn about objects that attract and repel,  develop matching skills and improve hand/eye co-ordination.

When the rings are stacked they either attract the next ring (snap together), or repel the next ring (push apart or cause it to float) creating a space in the stack.

*Game tips*

Practice simple turn-taking and waiting with a partner.

For an extension, use the challenge cards and build the patterns. Great for problem solving.

Build listening and sequencing skills: Hide card and have child follow instructions given as per card to create the same colour pattern. “Green, then blue”. “First put on yellow. Next put on..” “Are you finished?” ” Let’s see. Does it look the same?” Show card. Swap roles and encourage child to be the teacher.

Extend this game even further and provide challenging instructions without a visual reference, “Create a large space between green and blue”. “Make blue touch red.”

Note: this set includes small magnetic rings and can be a choking hazard. Always play under adult supervision.

Product Features

  • Includes 1 x Magnetic Match Ring Game boxed
  • Recommended for ages 3 + developmentally
  • Note: this set includes small magnetic rings and can be a choking hazard
  • Brand: Popular Playthings


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