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Emoticapsules contain five plastic capsules depicting different emotions. The aim of this social emotional kit is for young ones to store pictures or objects related to each emotion in each capsule.

This concrete game assists groups of children or individuals to identify feelings and can serve to further develop skills to manage emotions.

*Activity Tips*

  • Pair capsules with feeling words or photo cards displaying different emotions in a matching game
  • Model feeling words and identify how others feel in social contexts. E.g “He looks sad.” “He is sad because he wants his Mum.”
  • Model feeling words related to own experiences. E.g. “I feel angry when my brother takes my things.” “What makes you angry?”
  • Identifying feelings: Draw pictures of sad, angry, happy etc. showing what the face and the body looks like. Store in capsules.
  • Store solutions or strategies in capsules: Place different plans or actions in capsules to help manage emotions. When feeling sad, scared, sick or angry, retrieve an action card from a capsule.

Product Features

  • 5 capsules
  • 10 cards
  • 1 brochure
  • Nested design makes capsules easy to store
  • Recommended 2 years+

Out of stock


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