Pirate Talk: Receptive and Expressive Language Game


Pirate Talk is a fun game for school-aged students which targets receptive language skills using sentence repetition, answering wh questions and following directions. Expressive language skills targeted are categorizing, inferencing, describing and social skills.

This game can be tailored for the individual or group’s learning objectives.  There are five categories: School, People, Home Community, and Activities.

This game is a great resource to have in a speech and occupational therapy clinic or in a primary classroom. The electronic spinner, playing pieces and gold coins add an extra tactile, interactive element to this talking game.

*Game Variations*

To target fine motor skills and integrate sensory input into play, place gold coins in sand. Players dig for their gold coins at each island.

To play a short game and target coping with winning and losing, players can start at the same Home Port.  When gold coins are collected, place them in the middle of the board, instead of keeping them. The first player to go all around the board, wins all the gold.

Product review by Jenn Alcorn (SLP) via crazyspeechworld.com:

  • The kids love the theme and the gold coins!
  • Electronic spinner…just a personal choice, but I think this is much better than dice flying all over the table.
  • Variety of language skills targeted…especially that it includes social skills!
  • Great for mixed groups, to target both articulation and language skills.  Easily target articulation carryover with the language questions or by finding words in the picture with their sound.
  • I can ditch the included stimulus cards, but still use the game!

Product Features

  • 1 x  Pirate Talk game includes:
  • 150 Receptive and Expressive Language Cards
  • 1500 Questions/Activities
  • 100 Gold Coins
  • Electronic Spinner
  • 6 Pirate Player Pieces
  • Recommended Kindergarten and above (with clinician, educator or aide support)
  • Suits 1 – 6 players
  • Imported from Super Duper Publications, USA
  • No GST will be added

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