Seek Four – Nutty Game of Expression


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A tactile game designed to facilitate verbal and non-verbal expression of emotions.

This playful game can be adapted depending on child’s skill level.

Appropriate for use at home with the family or use in the classrooms for social-emotional learning activities.

*Game tips*

  • Refer to instructions for scarves and die game. Act, draw, express or tell stories.
  • Emotion SNAP with speed. Once a pair is matched, label the feeling word.
  • Charades gross motor movement game – throw beanbag at cards face down. Retrieve card and play charades using face and body while others guess the emotion or feeling word.
  • Practice listening skills. Remember stories told by teacher, carer or therapist for each emotion card and win.


Product Features

  • Includes 1 x Seek Four game box
  • Materials include 32 emotion cards, 4 coloured scarves, wooden die, 4 reference cards, mirror, drawing pad, pencil and instructions
  • Brand: Chalk & Chuckles


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