Spell Cat


Spell cat is an interactive learning tray for learning spelling in a multi-sensory way.

This set includes a range of ideas to develop spelling skills and includes a motivation builder.

After choosing a spelling picture card, letter tiles are placed down in the window, then closed. The child writes out the word on the whiteboard from memory.

When the child spells the word correctly, they can feed the spell cat!

Up to 7 letter words can be created.

Letter tiles include both upper and  lower case letters.

Product Features

  • 1 spelling tray with attached whiteboard
  • 1 wipe erase marker
  • 70 alphabet tiles
  • 90 picture word cards
  • 10 blank cards
  • Feed the cat board with 20 food tokens
  • Suitable for 4 – 8 years of age
  • Brand: Chalk & Chuckles

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