Teamwork isn’t My Thing, and I Don’t Like to Share!


RJ’ is having a frustrating day.  He needs to work with his classmates, bossy Bernice, messy Frankie, and Norma (who just sits and picks her nose). He’s also pretty sure that TEAM stands for Together Everyone Acts Mean!

Then RJ goes home to find only one cookie left in the jar and his Mum wants him to share that too! With the help of his coach, RJ learns that some positive things come about when working as a team.  He sees that sharing is needed not just on the soccer field, but in school and at home too.

Kids Develop Store suggests that educators and carers may want to break down the two concepts raised in the book: sharing skills as well as other skills needed to be a good “sportsperson” across the classroom and home. 

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For ages 6+ developmentally


32 pages

Author: Julia Cook

Boys Town Press 2012

ISBN13: 9781934490358

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