Therapy Ball Activities Fun Deck


Designed by an occupational therapist, this 60-card illustrative deck is a fantastic resource to use with yoga/swiss balls at home or in the classroom!

Movement experiences are well illustrated and explained, targeting the upper and lower body, core strength, and provide fine motor and sensory input.

This popular set is a great prescriptive tool for quick classroom breaks and warm-ups prior to desk work!

Product Features

  • 60 illustrated ball activity cards divided into categories (sitting, stomach, standing and stretching)
  • Includes information on benefits of each activity, tips and specific directions
  • Adult supervision recommended
  • Super Duper Publications

*Quick tip for choosing the right size yoga/swiss ball *

Recommended that ball is a good fit if child can sit on ball and feet touch the ground with their hips and knees at around a 90 degree angle for most activities. We have found the 55cm balls often suitable for preschool and lower primary school aged children with the 65cm often suited to upper primary school. This is a guide only.

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