Thinking Putty Assorted – mini


These mini jars of thinking putty provide feedback to the muscles and joints of the hands which can have a calming effect.  Our hypercolour Twilight, Sunburst and Trick range also change colour when handled. Plus the Trick range glows in the dark!

The Neon range may be a beneficial sensory break item or during tasks, helping to increase levels of alertness in children who respond well to bright colours.

There are so many benefits from using putty which include building hand awareness before handwriting or to extend thinking and create something awesome!

Provide students with thinking putty in the classroom or put in your handbag when out in the community!

Product Features

  • Includes approximately .47 oz of putty in chosen colour
  • Non-toxic, contains colourants that may stain
  • Product may stick to clothing and hair
  • Brand: Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
  • Recommended for ages 3 +

Great fact!
Thinking Putty is made in the USA with the help of people who have intellectual, physical and other disabilities.



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