Transport Counters Set of 72


A simple resource for open ended play. Use for sorting, comparing, measurement, language and memory activities.

This 72 piece set includes: six shapes (car, train, jet, tugboat, bus, fire engine).

*Game ideas for home*

  • Make a set of numbered cards from 1 -9. Encourage your child to count out the correct number of vehicles and place on each card.
  • Memory game: Make a line of vehicles (one of each type). Say each vehicle name. Encourage your child to look and take a picture in their head. Have them close their eyes.  Remove one vehicle. Which one is missing?
  • Talk about the different sounds the vehicles make. How many travel on the road? How many travel in the air? How many do not travel on the road?
  • Make lines of vehicles and practice measuring them with a ruler or string.



Product Features

  • Includes 72 transport counters in plastic storage box
  •  Made of durable, moulded rubber
  • Counters measure 3.5-5cm L.
  • Recommended ages 3 years+ due to choking hazard
  • Brand: edx


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