Vibe Critters – pack of 2


Provide gentle, calming sensory stimulation to the mouth, cheek, and lip area using these colourful Vibe Critters™.

The bumpy textures and ridges on the critter heads are intended to improve sensory perception. Young people who have reduced oral awareness and low tone may benefit.

Some people find vibration calming and the vibration may aid in supporting children with a heavy bite or those who grind teeth and seek out deep pressure through the jaw.

The characters screw easily onto the vibrating wand. Use the adjustable turn-dial to regulate vibration intensity. After using the Vibe Critters™, return them to their storage tin.

Vibe Critters™ are not toys and are therapeutic tools intended to be used by a professional therapist or carer instructed by a therapist. Please speak with your therapist about incorporating vibration into your child’s routine.

Product Features

Not designed for intra-oral use.

  • Includes 2 massager character heads (1 x bat; 1 x fish)
  • Interchangeable facial/oral massager heads with adjustable turn-dial to regulate vibration intensity
  • Storage unit
  • Critters are made of soft, durable plastic
  • Latex free
  • Includes 2 AA batteries — one for each wand
  • Manufacturer recommends use from 4 years +
  • Brand: Super Duper Publications

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