Wee B. Splashy


This handy tub contains items to support different play experiences. Squirt toys encourage young hands to squeeze and sustain grip.

Stacking and nesting cups teach size and spatial awareness.

Pretend play can be modelled using animals, captain, life ring and wash clothes.

*Play tips*

For children who require explicit teaching for functional play, break play steps down.

e.g. 1. Captain goes in boat 2. Water goes swish swish 3. Oh no! Boat tips, poor Captain! 4. Help Captain! Put ring on him.

Product Features


  • 1 container with lid
  • 1 whale squirt
  • 1 crab squirt
  • 3 stack & nest cups
  • 1 captain
  • 1 lifesaver ring
  • 1 boat
  • 3 wash clothes
  • Brand: B Toys

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