Weighted Calm Kit – Frog


Find four high quality items in this kit to support kids at the table.  The weighted frog is the perfect companion for their lap. The blue/green/gold frog has a speckly, sparkly skin and is filled with silicon beads.

Use the Tangle Relax or clay style Smiley ball to support attention or as a sensory break during learning.

This Calm Kit is a cost-effective way of trialling different products and learning more about your young person’s sensory needs.

Product Features

Kit contains

  • 1 x Tangle Relax in container
  • 1 x Rainbow Push and Pop – round
  • 1 x Smiley Face ball (soft clay feel)
  • 1 x sparkly weighted frog (approximately 20cm length and weighs 300g)
  • Recommended ages 3 years

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